JUSTIFIED: Start of season three shows the mojo is still there.

JUSTIFIED returns tonight, on FX, and I am happy to say that the magic is still there.

The first ep starts off not too long after the end of season two. Raylan is still recovering from his injuries and is restricted to desk duty. He seems to be struggling to get back into the swing of things at work, but life at home is going pretty damn good. Winona, ex-wife and soon to be mother of his child, and Raylan is getting along well enough that they are starting to talk about looking for a house.

But that is not what most want to know about, they want to know what kind of shit is going down. Well, Boyd is still focused on becoming the top guy in the Harlan underworld and there appears to be some that might challenge that. Walter Goggins is, as always, amazing as Boyd and at the end of the first ep, we see a glimmer of just how clever he really is. The character of Boyd is one of the most fascinating on television. A lesser lead would be overshadowed by the dynamic Goggins, but Timothy Olyphant continues to shine as Raylan. Goggins and Olyphant have strong chemistry, as does most of the cast.

New characters are introduced, including a surprising guest appearance by DEXTER’s Desmond Harrington (Quinn) as a nasty hitman. The first episode also gave us Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough) who appears to have been sent by Detroit to make an impact in the Dixie Mafia and start calling the shots. My initial impression of him is that his is more cerebral than the villians we have been treated to in the past. I am not so much interested in seeing how he interacts with Raylan as I am with his relationship with Boyd. It is pretty clear the the two will cross paths soon enough.

But without a doubt, the writing is still as sharp as ever and the cast continues to shine. Olyphant and Goggins both deliver Emmy-worthy performances and help make this Must-See TV.