Kate (and Dan) before C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo)

::Cue Star Trek music::

This weekend, we will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, an experience unlike any other. The Crimespree Crew will be attending the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, C2E2. Kate is new to the comic convention circuit and has only been to the smaller comic conventions held at Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Dan has more convention experience, having been to a number of comic conventions and Star Trek conventions, but nothing on this scale.
We’d been kicking around heading to a bigger Con for a while now. “Sure would be cool to go to San Diego… Sure would be cool to go to New York…” Just talk. But then it became “Chicago is pretty close. Those are some big names in Chicago. Remember all the good times we’ve had in Chicago? LET’S GO TO CHICAGO.”

(P.S. This is really how we make decisions in our house.)

We have been pouring over the guest and artist alley lists since the beginning of the year. Here are some of the people we are excited to see at C2E2 (in no particular order):

Nate Cosby – He is the writer of the new Archaia book, Cowboy. If you have $1.87 in your pocket, he’ll draw something for you at C2E2! If you don’t follow him on Twitter (@NateCosBOOM), you’re doing it wrong.

John Barrowman – THE Captain Jack from the BBC series Torchwood, and he’s pretty charming. You know where you’ll find Kate.

Chris Hardwick – The founder of Nerdist Industries and the host of The Nerdist Podcast. Kate’s been watching him since he hosted Singled Out on MTV.

Phil Hester – Writer, artist, and all around nice guy from Iowa. Swamp Thing. Green Arrow. The Darkness. Yeah, Phil is the man. A personal note here: Phil is a regular guest at Springcon in St Paul, MN. He’s put up with more of our fanboy/girl-ness than anyone. Thanks for being so cool, Phil!

Mark Waid – An industry giant. This is the man behind Kingdom Come, the man who breathed new life into The Flash. He is MARK. WAID.

Brian Azzarello – Dan’s been a fan of his 100 Bullets #1. Now he’s writing Before Watchmen: Rorschach. That’s a hellova resume.

Of course we need to support the Minnesota contingent:
Peter Krause – When you say “Shazam,” Dan will always think of the Big Red Cheese as Mr. Krause draws him. And then he teamed up with Mark Waid on Irredeemable. He has an amazing range of skills. Also, he’s one of the nicest guys around.

Mitch Gerads – The co-creator and artist of The Activity. Bring him Twix candy bars and he’ll be your friend forever.

Brent Schoonover – The artist on Archaia’s Mr. Murder is Dead. He likes to sing Steve Winwood duets with Mitch. Or he just suffers through his tablemate’s singing with Kleenex in his ears.

(Jeremy: Mr. McFeely, of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, will also be there!! )

The excitement for C2E2 has been building since last November. What started out as “3 months until C2E2” has morphed into “1 month until C2E2” and is now “HOLY CRAP C2E2 IS THIS WEEK!” Hope to see all of you there. And if you see a pretty redhead hanging out with a skinny guy with glasses, come on over and say, “hi!”

Kate and Dan Malmon