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Kate (and Dan) Eat At Nye’s Polonaise: A Restaurant Review

It’s no secret that here at Crimespree, we like our food. We’re not “foodies,” we just like good food, at good prices. And if we can support the local guy, so much the better. So when Kate (and I) had reason to celebrate the other night, we did it with our stomachs. Don’t worry. We made reservations for you guys, too.

::Wayne’s World style wavy lines indicating a Flash Back::

D: ::smiling: This place never changes. We’ve been coming here since before we were married, and it still looks the same! And gosh, we’ve been married like, 100 years at least.  OUCH.

K: ::hold her fist up:: Watch it, bucko. Or you’ll be dining Malmon, Party Of One. And you’re right; nothing changes at Nye’s. 12 years means nothing when you’ve been serving patrons since 1950. And that’s the charm: piano bar, vintage chandeliers, dark wood paneling… and the polka bar, for crying out loud!

D: Yes, yes. But let’s talk about the steak!

K: It’s awesome how the residents in the fashionable Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood, or “NordEast” as the locals call it, have adopted the landmark restaurant. It’s always packed here. Grandmas and grandpas, hipsters and working folk all come here to enjoy…

D: The steak!

K:… classic Polish-style food. Cabbage rolls, pierogies, polish sausage… and lots of it! Plus, I can count the number of places that still bring warm bread to the table for you on one hand. Nye’s still does it. Not to mention the relish tray that also included pasta salad! So, so good. I’m full just looking at the menu.

D:  ::pointing:: This is the part of the menu that has the steak on it!

K: ::rolls eyes:: Nye’s is more than just it’s amazing menu. Did you see everyone gathered around the piano bar when we walked in?

D: There wasn’t any steak there, so I missed it.

K: Besides the fantastic menu, the piano bar is what has made Nye’s such a gathering spot for the local community. People gather ‘round to sing familiar songs with each other. And have an adult beverage or two. Personally, I chose to walk past it quickly myself; I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s appetite with my “singing”.

D: ::shudders:: Good call, Red.

K: That community building extends from the piano bar in the front room to the second bar located in the back of the restaurant were The World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band plays. Generations have polka’ed the night away on the tiny, tiny dance floor. What better way to create a sense of community than with a live polka band, playing songs everyone knows?

D: I’m not sure if I’m up for dancing. I need to let my steak settle. We’ll come back tomorrow for the polka. And the cabbage roll. And the warm bread. AND THE EVERYTHING.