Kate (and Dan) Go to C2E2 – Day 1!

Dan is wearing Bermuda shorts and a Gilligan hat. Sipping a Kiddie Cocktail out of a coconut shell glass with a twisty straw…

K: Malmon. Malmon? MALMON!

D: What?

K: It’s blog time.

D: Leave me alone. I’m on vacation.

K: You promised!

D: Truth. Let’s kick it!

D: ::taps mike:: Check, check, is this thing on?

K: For real, though. We’ve been to comic cons before, but this one really felt like being called up to The Big Show.

D: Totally. The cons back home do such a great job promoting local talent. But C2E2 brings in many industry names, as well as Comic Book Legends.

D: Not only were we able to talk baseball with rising superstar Ryan Stegman of Scarlet Spider fame; we talked Chicago dining and architecture with industry veteran Phil Hester.

K: Sweet. And what about meeting Nate Cosby? We reviewed his book Cowboy back in November and he remembered our review! It took us a few minutes to pull our jaws up off of the floor. We shared dog stories and got a sketch of Fat Batman. Good times!

D: That. Was. Crazy. Know what else was crazy, all of the cosplay people. There was some serious thought put into those costumes! We saw Doctor Who, The Thing, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Cat Woman, Blue Beetle, Doctor Who, Scarlet Spider, and Mysterio with a fishbowl on his head. And Doctor Who. Popular choice, I guess.









K: There were also a lot of Steampunk people. A lot. Kinda cool, but most of the ladies were wearing tiny hats. What’s with the tiny hats? They don’t really serve any purpose because they are too small to protect you from the sun or the rain. I don’t get it.

D: Yeah. And what about that Wonder Woman wearing the green Chuck Taylors? Those aren’t red knee-high boots. Costume Fail.

K: If I dressed up as Wonder Woman all day, I would not be wearing boots or heels of any kind. Chucks are far more sensible for all-day wear.

D: You’re going to dress up as Wonder Woman? ::thanks Jesus::

K: No.

D: ::curses his shattered dreams::

K: But how lucky were we to bookend our day with George Perez and Neil Adams?!

Dan and George Perez

D: No kidding. You spotted Perez as he started signing a bit before the show started. Only my wife would grab my copies of JLA/Avengers and Crisis On Infinite Earths out of the backpack and shout “Get over there, dummy!” I’m a lucky guy!

K:::Polishes knuckles on shirt::

D: And then on the way out, our whole Crimespree Crew stumbled onto a show table piled high with Neil Adams books. I’m all, “These rule! Wow, look at these!” And you’re all…

K: “… Hey dummy, look over there!”

D: Yup. Neil Adams himself was not only signing books, but there was NO FREAKING LINE. That was a gentleman I was not expecting to get the chance to meet.

K: And then what happened?

D: I knocked over all his table signs.


D: ::whimper::