Kevin Costner and John Connolly?

On his website, author John Connolly talks about his visit to the set of The New Daughter. The filmi s based on a short story from the Nocturnes collection.

Kevin Costner plays John James. James has moved to a small farm, with his two daughters.

Upon moving into their new home, John notices increasing odd behavior from his daughter Louisa. John becomes convinced that this behavior is linked to a strange mound in a nearby field.
Louisa is played by Ivana Baquero. Ivana earned considerable praise for her performance in Pan’s Labyrinth. This is her first English language film.

Luis Berdejo is directing a screenplay by John Travis. Travis has recently completed a screenplay for another Connolly story, Mr. Pettinger’s Demon.

John sounds very optimistic about the project and said it should be released in early 2009.