Kevin Hearne visits Minnesota

shatteredTonight, Kevin Hearne made his first ever Minnesota appearance. Holding court in the meeting area of the Roseville Barnes & Noble store, Mr. Hearne kept the crowd (quick count put the eager fans at at least 70 or more!) enthralled during his reading and “Q and A” session.

In town to promote SHATTERED, the latest volume of his long running IRON DRUID series, Mr. Hearne kept the tone light hearted and quick-witted. Quickly ditching the microphone because “it would only lead to me using my cheesy radio voice,” Mr. Hearne read a passage in a very passable Irish brogue. When answering many questions from the audience, the answer was often, “because whiskey.”

The wonderful part was watching the audience. It was made very clear very early that this is a fan base that has been waiting a long time for their favorite author to come to town. Many people asked multiple questions about very specific parts of the DRUID series. Giving specific answers when possible, Mr. Hearne would then give “because whiskey” when those answers weren’t possible. And they loved him for it.

Tickets were given out on a first come, first served bases to reserve your spot in the autograph line. And all efforts were made to make the line move as fast as possible. But the fans love their storyteller, and it was clear Mr. Hearne was thrilled to be here. Many “selfies” were taken, and many stories about other favorite authors were shared.

The night was a smashing success. Let’s hope that signals a return trip soon!

Dan, Kevin, and Kate are telling YOU to buy this book!

Dan, Kevin, and Kate are telling YOU to buy this book!


Dan (and Kate) Malmon