KILL CITY BLUES by Richard Kadrey

HarperCollins Publishers
Pub date: July 30th, 2013

It’s nice when you get to a point while reading a series of books that you get to consider the characters friends. You get the new book in the series and you can’t wait to see what your friends have been up to since the last time you checked on with them. Because every time you finish the previous one you wish there was more and you can’t wait for the next. I’ve mentioned my affinity for “scrappy individualists against the world” before. So part of me thinks considering the main characters of the Sandman Slim series friends, well it makes me think I might be the slightest bit twisted. Whatever the case may be, Richard Kadrey is about to drop the 5th book in the series and I got to spend a little time with some old friends.

James Stark aka Sandman Slim is out of Hell. He dumped his gig as Lucifer. He is living the good life in a luxury hotel with his girlfriend Candy (who is a monster in her own right) and his…… ok right hand man might not be the best expression to use. His name is Kasabian and for a proper description of him, you really need to read the books. So there is this weapon. It’s called the Qomrama Om Ya otherwise known as the Magic 8-Ball. It’s basically an end of the world type of weapon. Sandman Slim gets the job of hunting it down before it falls into the wrong hands and many sets of the wrong hands want this thing. The hunt leads Sandman Slim to Kill City. Kill City is an abandoned shopping mall/ amusement park right on the coast. Part of it is falling into the sea. I think you can get the idea that the place is in bad shape. The place is also jammed packed with almost every kind of ghost, goblin, demon, etc. You name it, it’s in there. Sandman Slim is not the type to turn a job down. He puts together a crew of loyal and trusted followers and head straight to Kill City.

I really have to give a hand to Richard Kadrey. He has written a series of books that just keep getting better and better. Another amazing part is that to me, I have found myself truly caring about the people I’m reading about. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing 3 of his books now. Each one has made me care more and more. Like I told you before, it’s like getting to meet up with some old friends who are going to take you on a wild ride and make sure you get home safe. I believe there are 2 more books in the series if what I was told is correct. I’m already dreading the day when the series ends. Oh, another thing, I love the way he ends each of the Sandman Slim books. You get all these hints and teases in the last few pages of things to come. It makes you want to scream “Why in fucking hell does the ride have to stop now????” Oh, I do feel obligated to give you the standard warning. Don’t start the series here. You need to go back to the first book.

By the way, in case you aren’t tracking me, I fucking loved Kill City Blues

Dave Wahlman