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Killing Joke Films is looking for your support!

Paul von Stoetzel, the main man behind Killing Joke Films, wants you!

Well sort of. He wants your support.

Paul and co are in the process of adapting Jed Ayres’ short story Viscosity. It will be a joint effort between Killing Joke and Brute Force Films. Brute Force was founded by Paul and crime writer Dennis Tofoya for the sole purpose of uniting crime writers with independent film producers. Dennis and Paul previously met when Killing Joke tackled Dennis’ HOW TO JAIL, which is currently in post production.

Viscosity is the first Brute Force Film to be completed and it has been submitted to the Twin Cities’ Z-Fest Film Festival and competition. The completed short film will be in competition and screen March 22nd or 23rd. The trailer will be in competition from Feb 20th to March 19th and is judged exclusively by “Like”ing the trailer on the Facebook competition page.

So head on over to see the trailer, then you can go to Facebook to vote.