Killshot being released??

So the film version of Elmore Leonard’s Killshot is heading to a theater near you.


A release date of Jan 23rd has been announced. So while that would certainly suggest it is being released, but there is no trailer, no screenings announced and no official web site and it does not even appear on the company’s press site.

Right now, it looks like the film will land in a handful of theaters. If it does well, they MAY increase the overall number.

I think it is a safe bet that if Mickey Rourke was not garnering massive critical praise and nominations, Killshot would still be collecting dust.

This would suggest the film is a real turkey, but looking at the cast and director, one would think it would have some redeeming qualities.

A while back, Killshot was slated to head direct to video. That release never actually happened. Actually, this film has had a number of release dates, both for the home entertainment market and for theaters.

One thing of note: This was supposed to be a Quentin Tarantino presentation.

QT has apparently removed his name from the project. There is plenty of speculation as why time occurred, but I honestly have no clue what is accurate. One rumor is that the removal of Johnny Knoxville scenes (He tested very poorly) upset QT.

UPDATE: I spoke with an official from Weinstein and have been told it will only be screening in Pheonix, AZ.