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I just fell in love again. Three times in two hours…. no I’m not getting personal, I’m talking about last year’s Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang. A perfect movie. The writing was spot on. An homage to the pulp novels of the fifties brought up to date. An homage to those classic movie romantic comedies of the thirties. Updated as only Shane Black could do it.
From the opening you are in the movie’s grasp. Everyone looks great. Val Kilmer is back in form, and Robert Downey Jr. is once again acting in the seamless fashion that made him a name long before the tabloids got a hold of his personal life. Michele Monaghan is picture perfect as the girl.
This is a movie for everyone to see and enjoy. Black became famous for his “buddy movie” style (Lethal Weapon)and in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang he shows he has a better grasp on the spirit of this movie sub-genre than anyone with an uncanny ear of what the contemporary viewer wants to see.
This is a movie that will only gain fame as time passes. L.A. will never be the same. Harry Lockhart has come to town and has Gay Perry and Harmony to back his play.

So I’m in love with the movie, in love with the director and in love with the cast. And I haven’t even seen the special features yet.

Shane Black has made some of my favorite movies and in my opinion this could be the best one he’s done. I love the fact that a running thread throughout the film is the “Johnny Gossmer” books ( which look just like the Matt Shayne books right down to the McGinnis covers). Robert Downey Jr was at his best playing a bumbling crook who luucks into a movie audition. Kilmer is a PI hired to train him to be a PI. And just like in the old PI books they end up working two cases which connect and wind around each other.

Truly a great film that I will be watching again and again.