Ian Rankin’s Knots And Crosses Turns 30

This is the version I first owned, later to be replaced by a first edition ~ Jon

March 19th, 1987 saw the first of the John Rebus books hit the book shelves and it was the beginning of an amazing career both for the character and the author. Ian Rankin is now one the best selling mystery authors in the world and among readers he is always a favorite.

Like Ian, John Rebus lives and works in Edinburgh. Ian has become something of a celebrity appearing on numerous TV shows and is often sought out for his opinions on numerous topics.  My thinking is that it’s because Ian is a really clever and lovely man.

John Rebus has also gone on to become a celebrity and has had his own TV show and radio plays. Rebus is also one of the reasons we have a sub genre called Tartan noir.

Ian is a great guy and Rebus is a great character. We wish them both a happy 30th!