Mmm... cake.

Mmm… cake.

It’s safe to say, tonight was an evening that longtime reporter Kristi Belcamino had long been looking forward to. This evening was the official print release of her debut novel BLESSED ARE THE DEAD. And judging from the long line of family and friends that spilled out of Once Upon A Crime’s front door, it’s an evening that her fans had been awaiting as well. Snacking on wine, cheese, fruit, and the most amazing cake I’ve ever had, the little book shop was filled with grateful readers looking to welcome a new voice to the genre.

Inspired by her experiences with a serial killer while working the crime beat at a California newspaper, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD introduces the world to crime reporter Gabriella Giovanni. When a little girl disappears from the bus stop, Giovanni gets caught in a web of nightmares that leads to convicted kidnapper Jack Dean Johnson at its center. As the mystery unfolds, secrets from Gabriella’s past come to light. BLESSED ARE THE DEAD looks to be a true emotional whirlwind, filled with powerful storytelling.

Published under Harper Collin’s Witness imprint, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD is the first in a series of e-books, with a limited print run. With strong sales, the ongoing series will see a larger print run. Judging by the long line of enthusiastic readers waiting to celebrate with Belcamino, that larger print run is all but guaranteed.


Dan asking the author, "Is this book any good?" And getting laughed at, RIGHT TO HIS FACE.

Dan asking the author, “Is this book any good?”
And getting laughed at, RIGHT TO HIS FACE.

Dan (and Kate) Malmon