last week of January 2010 comics

Overall a good week. In fact for the most part most of the comics I’ve been reading this month were good or great. A few are going to get dropped from the pull list, but I think I have some new additions as well.

Batman and Robin #7
Morrison playing around with the Batman is always fun and with Bats on the hunt in London with Squire and Knight looking for a Lazarus pit we get a look at the UK version of his world. Batman feels totally fresh here.

Detective #861
Greg Rucka continues to keep me wanting more. Batwoman, Batman, crazy killers and commissioner Gordan all tangled in a typical crazy night in Gotham working a case from different angles. I imagine this will read even better as a trade. The Question back up is great too. I love the addition of Huntress to the story.

Fantastic Four #575

The story by Hickman is fine, some interesting things but it doesn’t really feel special to me. It’s kind of a story I feel I’ve read before a few times or pieces of other stories. I do like the treatment of Val and Franklin, and the Thing seems to be more than just muscle which is nice. I do love the art here. Dale Eaglesham is great on this and it reminds me a bit of the days with Sal Buscema.

Green Lantern #50

Blackest Night continues to get more and more intense. To bring back the spirit of vengeance that is The Spectre Hal Jordan once again becomes Paralax. This whole thing just keeps building and building. it’s like shaking a 2 liter bottle of coke and opening it right in your own face. I don’t know if my heart can take it much longer!

Irredeemable #10
Boom Studios

I’m enjoying this title a lot. It seems to have changed directions a few times and Mark Waid is keeping on my toes here. Bad guys maybe not all that bad, or maybe they are, love triangles that may be mended or not. It keeps growing out of what was one cool idea into a number of great subplots.
I could do with out the preview of The Anchor in the back. I’d rather have all the pages be Irredeemable and a bit shorter. It feels like I’m paying extra for the preview, which I don’t want.
That said this is a good series, so if not in regular comics read the trade.

Justice League:Cry for Justice #6
James Robinson gives new meaning to the expression Kill Your Darlings which refers to a writer messing with the characters they love. The team in this book has really been through the ringer and Robinson shows no signs of letting up. Prometheus is at his most bad ass here and is leaving a real pile of wreckage in his wake.

Justice League of America #41
Changes are definitely coming. I’m not sure how I feel about the Teen Titans taking over so many spots in the league. But I trust Robinson and I will follow where he leads with this.

Teen Titans #79
I’m losing interest in the Titans franchise. The characters I like are all gone and the new ones here I just have trouble working up any enthusiasm for. I just don’t really care what happens to them. Raven is a shadow of the character she was back in the day and Beast Boy has become unrecognizable.

Wonder Woman #40

Gail Simone doing more great work here. She keeps surprising me with wonderful new story lines. She’s making one of comics oldest characters feel new.

X-Men Legacy #232

Mike Carey is doing great stuff with Rogue, she is a strong character and it’s nice to see her treated with respect by a writer who gets her. I’m enjoying the return of Proteus, such a great foe.The art is nice too, I like the coloring making it feel like dusk.