Last Week of March Comics

The last new comic day of the month, I’ve just started my stack but there are few stand outs.
From Avatar Press one of the most depraved men is history now has his story told in comic form. CALIGULA #1 came out today. After seeing I CLAUDIUS and Guccione’s Caligula I was expecting something historical, something very Roman and something really twisted. With Caligula it would be very easy to go for the cheap gore and violence and nudity. Well, David Lapham does not take the easy way as it shown in this first issue.  He actually creates a story to show us who this crazed wanna be God was and does t with some violence and nudity, but in keeping with the story. In lesser hand this would be the comic equivalent of a slasher movie, but it actually seems to be setting up for a nice run showing the way it really was. New artist German Nobile does a nice job of creating a painted kind of look lending to the feel of history. I’m looking forward to more of this.
Jack of Fables from Vertigo has always been an odd book. Odd in a way I love and enjoy, but odd. Issue 50, which came out today wraps up all of it. All the characters converge into one big melee’ and the ending… well, you’ll have to read the ending. But I think it is a perfect way to end the run on this highly entertain title. I especially liked the scene wit the tortoise and the lepus truck. (The rabbit wins) Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges have had an awful lot of fun with this book, and so have I. Thanks guys!
Green Lanterns have been a hot ticket over at DC this last couple years and with the movie coming out this summer I expect that ticket will get hotter. Geoff Johns has taken a title that over the years has had plenty of ups and downs. Some of the stories were real high points, but over all it seemed like the idea of the Green Lantern Corps just couldn’t decide what  it wanted to be besides space cops. From the re-telling of Hal Jordan’s origin through the Blackest Night ans now in it’s aftermath and the War Of The Green Lanterns there seems to be real focus. 
Peter J Tomasi has been part of the crew taking this group of books to the next level. GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS #8 sees two rivals getting everything out in the open and trying to work together to save their beloved Corps. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner have never liked each other, but if they can’t figure out how to work together it may all be over. Tomasi does a great job of getting in their heads and I love his take on Gardner.Fernando Pasarin’s art is a thing of beauty and worth picking up the book for. And I LOVE the cover.
Jon Jordan