Launch party for Julie Hyzy’s AFFAIRS OF STEAK

Saturday afternoon, Chicago’s Century and Sleuths bookstore was the site of the launch party for Julie Hyzy’s AFFAIRS OF STEAK, the fifth book in the award-winning series featuring Olivia Paras, White House executive chef.
Assigned to work with her arch nemesis, Peter Everett Sargeant, the White House Sensitivity Director, Ollie must find a venue for an event to honor the Secretary of State. Instead they find one of the First Lady’s assistants and the Chief of Staff, both murdered — and Ollie and Peter may have witnessed the killer making his getaway.

News reports suggest that the assistant and Chief of Staff were having an affair, but no one on the staff believes the rumor. Now, with their jobs–and their lives–in jeopardy, Ollie and Peter must depend on each other to learn who killed their colleagues and why–before they become the next victims of a merciless assassin with a secret agenda…

AoS has garnered positive reviews from numerous sources including Jenn’s Bookshelves (This series is truly a delight!) and The Seattle P.I. (characters are well-fleshed and simply fantastic).
Saturday’s event was standing room only and saw authors David Case, Michael Black and Helen Osterman attend, as well as Julie’s hubby Curt and their three daughters.

Like any good party, food and drink were provided. Writing culinary mysteries, one would assume the bar is set fairly high in terms of party snacks, but Julie and co appeared to have delivered the goods as no food was throw in her direction. As the above photo shows, Julie had help as hubby and loving daughters helped make it all happen and kept the author on track.

Fans in the Chicago area will have more opportunities to meet Julie this month:

January 12, 2012 (Thursday)
3:45 – 4:15 Living Well (WMBD, CBS affiliate)
Television Interview on Living Well

Peoria Public Library
6:30 PM – North Branch

January 14, 2012 (Saturday)
2:00 – 4:00 PM
ELA Public Library
Lake Zurich, IL
with Jamie Freveletti, David Walker, Bryan Gruley

January 17, 2012 (Tuesday)
12:00 – 2:00 PM
The Center
Palos Park, IL

January 28, 2012 (Saturday)
Aunt Agatha’s Bookstore
Ann Arbor, MI
213 South Fourth Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 734.769.1114
2:00 PM

As anyone that has ever met Julie can confirm, she is a real sweetheart. If you are a fan, and live in the area, I recommend heading out to one these events. A good time will be had by all.