Laura Lippman’s EVERY SECRET THING gets a director

Variety is reporting that Oscar nominee Amy Berg will be directing the film of Laura Lippman’s award-wining EVERY SECRET THING.

On a July afternoon two little girls, banished from a birthday party, take a wrong turn onto an unfamiliar Baltimore street — and encounter an abandoned stroller with a baby inside it. Dutiful Alice Manning and unpredictable Ronnie Fuller only want to be helpful, to be good. People like children who are good, Alice thinks. But whatever the girls’ real intentions, things go horribly awry and three families are destroyed.

Seven years later Alice and Ronnie are heading home again — only separately this time, their fragile bond long shattered, their secrets still closely kept. Advised to avoid each other, they enter a world where they essentially have no past. In exchange, they are promised a fresh start, the chance to mold their own future.

That promise is broken when a child disappears, under disturbingly similar circumstances. And the adults in Alice’s and Ronnie’s lives — the parents, the lawyers, the police — realize that they must now confront the shattering truths they couldn’t face seven years earlier. Or another mother will lose her child.

Homicide detective Nancy Porter was a rookie cop when she solved the original case with a bit of freakish luck — and almost derailed her own career. Adept at finding the small things that can make or break a homicide case, now she must master the larger picture in order to understand where guilt truly lies. For no one is innocent in this world. Not even the children.

This will be Berg’s first foray into fiction. She first gained acclaim with 2006’s DELIVER US FROM EVIL, a documentary that looked at Father Oliver O’Grady, a Catholic priest that raped dozens of children, only to have the church keep moving him around the country, in an attempt to keep it quiet. Her latest, WEST OF MEMPHIS, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival to positive reviews and will be released on December 28th.

Diane Lane has been attached for almost two years, though it looks like her role has moved from Det. Porter to the mother of Ronnie.