Law and Order:Criminal Intent – Vincent D’Onofrio is back

For the final season of Law and Order:Criminal Intent Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe are back as Goren and Eames which I consider a victory for the fans of the show. I liked Chirstopher Noth on the show and Jeff Goldblum, but what makes this show really work for me is D’Onofrio as Detective Goren, his quirkiness, his attention to detail and his drive. I know some people don’t care for the character, but I think it really works, similar to Holmes his brain works on a different level and as such he’s sometimes hard to understand. He doesn’t have time for people to catch up to where he already is.

This first episode of season 10 includes Neal McDonough (Band Of Brothers) as a church official who doesn’t always act Christian. I won’t get into the plot, because the truth is, they are all great. What makes this episode a stand out is the acting. D’Ononfrio is amazing as he steers Goren through the return to duty which includes mandatory sessions with a shrink. McDonough is also terrific as the Monsignor who has a dark shady side. He does more with his face and eyes than most actors can do with everything they have. And I really missed Kathryn Erbe, she is the prefect foil to D’Onofrio and they have let her character grow into such a great detective over the years, she’s the backbone of the show.

This is my favorite Law and Order show and this is a great start to the final season. I watched the episode twice.

Look for it May 1st on its NEW night – Sundays at 9/8c 
Now if they would hurry up and put the rest out on DVD…..