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LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit to be host to killer reunion.

Well here is a bit of news that has me as giddy as…well, pretty damn giddy.

Michael Ausiello is reporting that Lee Tergesen (OZ, GENERATION KILL) will be appearing on an upcoming LAW & ORDER: SVU. He will be “deranged religious zealot suspected of murder.”

Why is this awesome? Because on OZ, Lee played SVU star Chris Maloni (Chris Keller on OZ, Detective Elliot Stabler on SVU)’s former lover. The two had excellent chemistry and will a big part of what made OZ so freakin’ good.

Also coming to SVU, according to Mr. A, is 3 time Oscar nominee Debra Winger. Winger will play the principal of an inner-city school that tries to protect a student suspected of murder.