Lawrence Sanders’ Anderson Tapes being remade.

In 1971, acclaimed director Sidney Lumet brought bestselling author Lawrence Sander’s book The Anderson Tapes to the big screen.

John “Duke” Anderson(Sean Connery) as a just released con, in New York, who plans to rob an apartment building. What he does not know is that the whole building is under constant surveillance.

The film also featured Dyan Cannon, Alan King and a young Chistopher Walken.

Now The Anderson Tapes is being primed to return to the big screen.

Producer Arthur M. Sarkissian (While You Were Sleeping, Rush Hour films, Last Man Standing) has purchased the rights to the book. Sarkissian has reportedly bought the story with his own money.

It will not be an exact remake, as the location will be changed from New York to Miami.

With all of the advancements in technology, I hope they do not allow the gadgets to overwhelm the story. I can see a real risk of that depending on who is signed to direct.

No announcements have been made regarding cast or crew. The current plan is this to be competed and released in 2010.