Image Comics
STORY BY Greg Rucka
ART BY Michael Lark
COLORS BY Santi Arcas
LETTERS BY Michael Lark
COVER BY Michael Lark

Greg Rucka is well known for his novels as well as his comics. A very prolific writer he has become quite an advocate for creator-owned comics. The indie comics revolution to prominence is in no small part to his work. His books like “Stumptown” and “Queen and Country” show his incredible ability to showcase how amazing independent comics can be. Thankfully, his latest book will live up to the same level of greatness.

“Lazarus” is going to be big. In sales and in scope. Just one issue in and you can tell the size of this story will be grand. A woman is shot to death in the first couple pages. Then gets up. She is a powerhouse with three names: Eve, Forever and, of course, Lazarus. She is part of the Family. Heads of a large community with three class levels. The Family is on top, followed by the serfs and finally the waste. What they run and how it’s run are something to be built in the story. After an attack on their facility by a rival family it’s up to Eve to figure out what and who are responsible, while dealing with the odd feelings she’s having.

Rucka has again crafted a strong woman with a real voice. In this world where the entire structure is different than ours she is someone readers can identify with. There are mysteries building on mysteries with untrustworthy characters all around. The story and world building is going to have a big pay off, you can feel it. Rucka teams with a frequent collaborator Michael Lark for this dystopian mystery. One of the best artists in comics continues to get even better. His work is strong and clear but also unique. It’s a beauty to look at and “Lazarus” once again lets us behold is glory. “Lazarus” will be an incredible book with this first issue a fantastic kicking off point.

Jo Schmidt