Leads Appear Set for USA’s Upcoming Elmore Leonard Pilot

Nick Falacci and Cheryl Heuton’s Elmore Leonard based pilot has it’s leads.

Bryan Greenberg (HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA) will play a Miami businessman that marries Colombian woman (Stephanie Sigman) who is fleeing from her past. The marriage starts as one of convenience (Signman’s character is looking to stay legally in the country, while Bryan eyes political office and feels a latin wife would could help his chances) develops into something deeper. Sigman become a fixer and handles problems that threaten her husband’s career. Sigman starred in Gerardo Naranjo’s MISS BALA.

The series is based on the story When the Women Come Out to Dance, the title tale from the anthology that also includes Fire In The Hole (which was the source for the FX series JUSTIFIED). Plans were originally for NBC, but when the network passed on it, USA stepped in. The production company, Hypnotic (a part of Universal Cable Productions) currently has two hits with USA’s COVERT AFFAIRS and SUITS and is attached to the proposed film based on Olen Steinhauer’s THE TOURIST.

I asked Cheryl, who created NUMB3RS with husband Nick, what folks can expect from the show. She said that romance will be an important element and that she show will be fairly edgy, but with the wry humor that is a staple of Elmore Leonard’s writing.

Filming will begin, in Miami, in early 2013.