Lee Child on CBS: “Cruise is a fantastic Jack Reacher”

Recently, Lee Child appeared on CBS This Morning to promote A WANTED MAN, the latest novel to feature Jack Reacher. While being interviewed, he touched base on the upcoming film JACK REACHER. Lee talked about Tom Cruise playing Reacher:

It’s always tense when you move a character from a book to the screen. Always tense. I get that completely. But Cruise is a fantastic Jack Reacher. How? I don’t know. He’s an actor. That’s what they do, you know?”

“This idea that somehow readers and Hollywood are at odds is not true in this case, because in this case, Hollywood are the readers. The people at the top of this movie are huge Reacher fans and they’re just as defensive of the character as I am, or any reader is, so that’s why it was a happy experience, and that’s why the movie is as good as it is.”

He also talks about the origin of Jack’s name. Here is the interview in it’s entirety.