Lee looks at the FRINGE season two premiere.

Note: It has been a while since Mr. Lee has graced us with an appearance. As many of you know, the Geezer has been waging a war with cancer and has thus far kicked it’s sorry ass.

I am thrilled to have him stepping back into the fold and hope this is just the start of regular sharing of opinions.


Season two of Fringe (Fox) kicked off Thursday night and grabbed me by the throat. I haven’t been this pulled in by a series since Kidnapped and it feels good, good, good. A couple of things you could see coming down Main Street and I still jumped when they happened. Beautiful. The cast is so much more comfortable in their adoptive skins it it a treat watching them work.

Peter took the lead and blew the doors off to find out what was going on with Olivia, who spent the episode in a hospital bed about as rattled as a human being gets without beading belts or weaving baskets. The scene where she is shaking too badly to load the gun she is keeping under her pillow is oddly poignant. A nice contrast to the cold, hard beauty she usually plays and she played it to! the hilt.

Walter is Walter squared. A little more caring and still one of the great charecters to hit TV.

They’ve added a new player,a woman FBI agent whose name I don’t recall and the Fox site doesn’t list her yet( Editor: Amy Jessup played by Megham Markle). I don’t see the need but she seemed ok, so what the hey.

The change in the tone is palpable. Peter summed it up to Broyles at the end. “We’re done being reactive.” That means butt kicking and name taking and I can hardly wait. Don’t call my house Thursday night, I won’t be answering.

Lee Crawford