Lee looks at the NUMB3RS season premiere.

I’ve said before that viewing Numb3rs is like going to see old friends and last nights opener was no exception. It’s that comfortable.

The whole gang was on hand, a situation I understand will not be the case for most of the season for financial reasons, but hopefully everyone will get their fair share.

Part of the effectivness of the stories is a tendency in making the bad guys not all bad and the good guys not all good, which give a lot more interest and depth. The ‘victem’ was a self serving twit while the would be assasin seemed a decent type(played by Gary Cole) denied justice. I have been a fan of Coles since American Gothic and Crusade and I’m glad to see him landing the meaty roles. He’s good at them.

The personal stories continue to turn and spin and are the major reason I tune in. While Charlie’s marriage proposal did not have me rivited, Dons rethinking of his life and work shows promise and Judd Hirsh’s father figure again displays an infinate capacity for caring. These are good people doing the best they can in the world they find themselves.

Numb3rs is for sure a keeper.

Lee Crawford