Dollhouse (Fox) is coming to an end and while I have come to like the series I can understand why. It took to long to establish and it’s hard to care about a character that is so vapid (by design)as to be non-exist ant. I’ve said before and will say it again, if I don’t care about the people I don’t care what happens to them. In time I came to care. About halfway through season one it started to smoke and now it’s breathing fire, but too many viewers have voted with their clickers. Too bad.

It is an ambitious premise to start with. An evil corporation is using mind control on a few that wants to use it on…everyone. A cautionary tale. Frankenstein for the
twenty-first century. A thought that scares the sox off me.

We follow Echo/Caroline(Eliza Dushku) as she evolves into an entirely new person and leads the fight to stop this Corp. with her not at all merry band. Shifting alliances and hidden agendas abound as those we thought were bad to the bone turn out to be basically decent and those we thought basically decent turn out to be rotten to the core. The surprises are surprising, what more could you ask?

I stuck with Dollhouse because I know and admire Joss Whedon’s work, but I admit early on it was a strain. Without that background I would have bailed too.
Dollhouse should do well on DVD where you can watch a lot of it at once. And I
recommend watching a lot of it at once.

Lee Crawford