Lee takes a look at Fox’s Fringe.

With so many new shows debuting this month, it is hard to decide what is worth a look and what it not. Lee decided take a minute to give us a heads up on a show he thinks might be worth checking out.

One to watch is Fringe(Fox)starring Anna Torv as FBI agent Olivia Dunham who is launched into a nightmare Alice in Wonderland world of fringe science (hence the title) when her partner/lover John Scott, Mark Valley of Boston Legal, is striken with something that is disolving him the same as it did a plane load of people which is the case they are investigating.

She pulls out all the stops to save him. Her best bet is Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), the only problem being he has been in the looney bin for the past seventeen years and can only be seen by a relative and his only relative is an also brilliant but ne’er-do-well son Peter (Joshua Jackson, Dawsons Creek) who if he never sees the old man again will be all the happier. She browbeats and blackmails him into seeing reason.

Lance Reddick (The Wire) plays the Homeland Security big wig who thinks the team should stay together. It’s part X-Files, part Outer Limits and part Barney Miller for humor, supplied by Noble’s Walter who is taken with the changes in the world he has been out of for so long. His fasination with a car seat heater is a hoot; “It warms you ass, have you tried one?”

The Pilot was good and the first episode was better. This one shows some real promise.

Lee Crawford