Leguizamo, Shepherd, others confirmed for ONE FOR THE MONEY.

While many are still waiting to find out who is playing Grandma Mazur, word has come out on a number of other roles:

John Leguizamo is playing Jimmy Alpha. Jimmy is the manager of boxer Benito Ramirez. John won an Emmy for his show Freak and has been nominated for The Golden Globe as well as for a Tony. He has appeared in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, Carlito’s Way and does the voice of Sid in Ice Age films. He is also attached to the planned film of Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer.

Sherri Shepard is Lula, a rather large and outspoken prostitute that ends up tagging along with Stephanie on her adventures as the series goes on, she becomes a fellow bounty hunter. Sherri is a co-host on The View and has appeared in a number of shows including 30 Rock, Suddenly Susan and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Patrick Fischler is Vinnie Plum, Stephanie’s sleazy cousin the bail bondsman. Stephanie goes to work for Vinnie as a bounty Hunter. Patrick played Detective Kenny “No-Gun” on Southland and was Phil on Lost as well as having small parts on dozens of other shows.

Ana Reeder
Ana Reeder is Connie Rosolli, your “Quintessential Italian Jersey girl” and receptionist for Vinnie. Ana recently appeared on season three of Damages as Carol Tobin and had a bit part in No Country for Old Men.
Ryan Michelle Bathe plays Jackie, a prostitute pal of Lula. Ryan played Sara Hold on Boston Legal as well as Sela on Trauma.