Lethem’s GUN WITH OCCASIONAL MUSIC has a writer.

Jonathan Lethem’s GUN WITH OCCASIONAL MUSIC has been bouncing around Hollywood for over a decade with no actual progress occuring.

But it has taken it’s first real step with the naming of a screenwriter. Javier Rodriguez has been signed to handle writing duties.

Javier first became known in the film industry in 2005 when he landed on the Black List. The BL comes from 250+ studio execs that offer up their top ten screenplays that are not en route to the theaters. Getting on the list can be a pretty big deal.
Javier made the list with THE HERETIC.

Set in a future San Francisco, GUN features P.I. Conrad Metcalf, a tough private dick with a tendency to crack wise. When Maynard Stanhunt, a well-known urologist is murdered, Metcalf is hired to clear the prime suspect. The problem is that nobody seems to want the case solved. Among those in his way is the ex-wife, the police and Joey Castle, enforcer for the local crime boss. Oh yeah, Joey is a kangaroo.

Gabe and Alan Polsky are producing. The brothers were behind BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS.

I should have more on Mr. Rodriguez in the near future.