LEVERAGE returns to TNT.

Life is good! Tonight, everyone favorite group of con artists return to the airwaves and LEVERAGE begins the second half of it’s season.

Tonight, at 10 pm EST, LEVERAGE returns with The RUNWAY JOB.

In order to take down an oppressive sweatshop owner, the LEVERAGE team infiltrates the fashion world.

While I miss Sophie, Tara (Jeri Ryan) does a bang-up job. In only two episodes, she has smoothly transitioned into the cast with relative ease. I have watched the first couple of eps and if they are any indication, we are in for good times. Hutton and company seem to genuinely have fun with the show and that makes it all the more entertaining. Watching these guys, one would think they had been working together for years. Well worth watching.

LEVERAGE airs every Wednesday at 10 pm EST.