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LEVERAGE Season the first

Mrs Crimespree and I just watched the first Season of Leverage.
I love the show. I like all the actors in it, I like the stories, I love the premise. I think Timothy Hutton is great,every bit as good as when he did Nero Wolf. The rest of the cast is great, each really adds to the show and does it with out cliches. People are talking about this show and with good reason.

But I do need to point out, that the show is awfully similar to Hustle, a UK show about con men teaming up to do long cons, going after targets who deserve to be taken. Great cast, great stories, love the premise. Love the music and opening credits too.

Love this theme song

There’s a great vibe to the music and the show as well. The characters all interact well together and it’s a smart show.

And so is Leverage. That’s the cool thing here. Leverage seems to me to at least be inspired by Hustle, but it feels like it’s own show. What’s really nice is now I have two great show about conmen and grifters to watch.

Thank you TNT and thank you BBC.

Buy Leverage: The First Season

Buy Hustle: The Complete Seasons 1-4