InspectorLewis_S8_DVDINSPECTOR LEWIS Series 8

This is the last of the Inspector Lewis and while I’m sorry it’s ending it went out on a high note. This set has three stories so it’s a little shorter than I would like it made up for it with great writing and acting and does a wonderful job of wrapping up the whole series.
Lewis is working as a consultant and is a bit worried he may be found redundant by the new captain. Hathaway is doing well and while he can work just fine without Lewis they definitely work better as a team. As with Inspector Morse, Lewis helps keep Hathaway focused and grounded and from spending too much time in his own head.



InspectorLewis_S8_01One For Sorrow has the boys looking into the death of a local artist who uses taxidermy as part of her political statement focused art. There are plenty of suspects and eventually some patterns start to pop out. Social media and video blogging seem to be the way in but Lewis thinking like the old school cop he is brings it all home.

Magnum Opus start with a college dean bludgeoned to death. It’s a rather typical case for Lewis as it brings out secrets from the academics and hidden pasts. We also have more of Hathaway dealing with his father’s dementia and having to come to terms with his family and the way it is now.

What Lies Tangled has a sub plot with Lewis worried about his future and debating if we really should take a trip with Hobson. He loves her but is afraid to leave. The murder this time is a series of bombings of academics who are selling a discovery to a pharmaceutical company. A former student is unhappy as she claims to have helped and is being left out of any money. Infidelities and more family secrets add to the puzzle which Lewis and Hathaway are approaching from different angles.
The series ends well, and does leave an opening for either a spinoff with Hathaway, which I would love or even a return for Lewis should he wish to do so. A wonderful final chapter.