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Librarians are the best people in the world

For anyone who is unaware of just how great librarians are, I’m going to tell you now. They go to college for seven years to get their degree. After those seven years they get to enter a job market where they make between 15,000 and 25,000 dollars a year to start. Pay your student loans off with that baby. You have to love reading to become a librarian.

That said, I know several librarians . You meet them when you become involved in the reading community. Of all the people involved with “literature”, genre or non, they are the “go to” gang. They go to school longer than a dentist and all a librarian gets out of it is spreading the
word. Reading really is fundamental.

This weekend Crimespree was part of a library event. It was wonderful. On a budget, they got the message out. Readers came. Readers found new authors. “Mystery fiction” was given a legitimacy it seldom finds. People left with books they wouldn’t have found. I am synergized.

And we talked. The local personalities. Milwaukee has a very strong mystery community. So do other locales throughout our country. This weekend? It was about books. Writing books, publishing books and reading books. The community of Muskego ponnied up and brought in a group of mystery novelists all different from and respective of one another. And I lost my cherry
again. I am in awe of mystery. The differences between styles, the dyadic experience. Are you strong enough? Go to the writers you know. Go to your favorite librarians. Make it work. The writers at Muskego and the Librarians ? I saw a magic yesterday that is indescribable.
Penny? Jane?
You are wonderful. The community of Muskego? Fantastic. Friends of the Library in Muskego? WOW. It is heartening to know that in a thirty second world there are communities willing to invest in reading. It is fundamental.

Crimespree thanks you.