LIE TO ME adds two new cast members.

LIE TO ME is boosting their cast, by two, for season three.

Shoshannah Stern (JERICHO)will come as board as a grad student that will help Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) with a new nook. The character, like the actress, will be deaf. According to EW, some of the folk at the Lightman Group will question whether or not her disability will hinder her work, but Cal likes her and wants to work with her. Her role is described as being a recurring one.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Monique Curnen will also join the cast as Detective Wallowski. She is described as being street-wise and having a subversive mind. Apparently there will be chemistry between her and Cal, which will cause problems between Cal and Dr. Foster (Kelli Williams). Curnen played Detective Allison Beaumont on the short-lived, but fairly entertaining, ABC series THE UNUSUALS.