I am a pretty big fan of actor Tim Roth. So when I heard he was heading to television, I was pleased as punch.

LIE TO ME stars Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, an expert of micro-expressions (body language, the Facial Action Coding System) and head of The Lightman Group. Cal is hired by various law enforcement organizations as well as lawyers, businesses and many others.

Lightman is based on Paul Ekman, the real-life pioneer on micro-expressions.

Up to this point, my feeling has been that LTM was ok, but lacked focus and an overall sense of purpose. Roth has been excellent and his supporting cast is solid.

But, things have really improved of late. I am not sure what has happened, but it feels like everyone involved has stepped up their game a bit. The second half of the second season started in early June and they have delivered consistently since then. It feels like more is at stake. Cal has been put front and center far more than in the past. While he has always been the main character, other characters used less often. I am sure they are less than happy about it, but it seems to have helped the show. Roth’s portrayal of Cal is very physical, his body language and mannerisms are fascinating.

They have also added a new character, Clare Musso (Melissa George), a widow accused of killing her husband. She started out as a client, but recently became a partial owner of the firm. Her equity firm has invested in The Lightman Group. Oh yeah, she is also dating Cal. I think she will be an excellent foil for Cal.

Shawn Ryan (THE SHIELD) came on board as the show-runner for the second season, so he may be responsible, but I am seeing energy and passion that was not there during the earlier part of the season.

Whatever the reason, I heartily reccomend that folks give the show a chance. The character of Cal Lightman is a dynamic one that is worth the price of admission.