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Linda Barnes – New on Audio from Brilliance

Linda Barnes has a number of new releases from Brilliance Audio including a few short stories.

DEEP POCKETS is a  Carlotta Carlyle book and it’s read by Tavia Gilbert, originally released in hardcover in 2004.
From her website: “A blackmailed Harvard professor calls on shamus Carlotta Carlyle because he thinks his world is falling apart. Medical/educational researcher Wilson Chaney is not eager to get fired over the torrid letters he wrote Denali Brinkman, a white freshman, during an affair he insists ended even before her suicide in the Harvard boathouse. Carlotta soon identifies Denali’s boyfriend, ex-con Benjy Dowling, as the perp during an unauthorized visit to his apartment that nets all the letters. Then Benjy’s killed by a hit-and-run driver behind the wheel of Chaney’s own car. It’s only then that the case starts to assume its true proportions, as Carlotta gradually teases out the tangle of drug trials, fraud, civil suits, and murder that links Chaney, his wealthy and imperious wife, a porous security firm, and the venerable university. But it’s not until the last act, just when other cases would be winding down, that this one sends out a shower of fresh sparks that make it bold, powerful, and shattering.”


Also just out are three short stories on Audio from Brilliance. Miss Gibson, originally published in Women on The Case, Lucky Penny which was the Anthony winning short that started the whole thing and Stealing First which was originally run by the Boston Globe.

Linda Barnes is a sheer delight and these are great audio versions of her work.