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Line-up for NOIR CITY X

The details of The 10th Annual San Francisco Noir Film Festival have been released. NOIR CITY X will take place from Jan 20 to Jan 29th of the year 2012. All screenings will be at The Castro Theater. And this year will feature a very special guest: ANGIE DICKINSON! Saturday night, January 21, Noir Czar Eddie Muller will interview Ms Dickinson.

Friday, January 20
DARK PASSAGE (1947) Dir. Delmer Daves

Saturday, January 21, Matinée
OKAY, AMERICA (1932) Dir. Tay Garnett
AFRAID TO TALK (1932) Dir. Edward L. Cahn

Saturday, January 21, Evening
THE KILLERS (1964) Dir. Don Siegel
On-Stage Interview with ANGIE DICKINSON!
POINT BLANK (1967) Dir. John Boorman

Sunday, January 22
LAURA (1944) Dir. Otto Preminger
BEDELIA (1946) Dir. Lance Comfort

Monday, January 23
GILDA (1946) Dir. Charles Vidor
THE MONEY TRAP (1965) Dir. Burt Kennedy

Tuesday, January 24
UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (1948) Dir. Preston Sturges
THE GOOD HUMOR MAN (1950) Dir. Lloyd Bacon

Wednesday, January 25
HOUSE OF BAMBOO (1955) Dir. Samuel Fuller
UNDERWORLD USA (1961) Dir. Samuel Fuller

Thursday, January 26
NAKED ALIBI (1954) Dir. Jerry Hopper
PICKUP (1951) Dir. Hugo Haas

Friday, January 27
THIEVES’ HIGHWAY (1949) Dir. Jules Dassin
THE BREAKING POINT (1950) Dir. Michael Curtiz

Saturday January 28
THE GREAT GATSBY (1949) Dir. Elliott Nugent
THREE STRANGERS (1946) Dir. Jean Negulesco

Sunday January 29
ROADHOUSE NIGHTS (1930) Dir. Hobert Henley
THE MALTESE FALCON (1931) Dir. Roy Del Ruth
CITY STREETS (1932) Robert Mamoulian
MR. DYNAMITE (1935) Alan Crosland
THE GLASS KEY (1942) Stuart Heisler
THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) John Huston

More details can be found at www.noircity.com