London based female crime writers form KILLER WOMEN

Over the years, authors have gathered and formed groups, some to promote a common vision, others simply unite to support one another and pool their energies towards the growth of their work. Recently, 15 female crime writers came together and created Killer Women, a group whose styles cover the spectrum: Humorous crime, police procedurals and thrillers of a political and psychological persuasion.

  Founded by Melanie McGrath and Louise Millar, Killer Women also include Jane Casey, Tammy Cohen, Helen Giltrow, Paula Hawkins, Alison Joseph, Erin Kelly, Anya Lipska, Colette McBeth, Kate Medina, Kate Rhodes, Helen Smith, Louise Voss and Laura Wilson.

Killer Women began as a salon but we have now grown in ambition and scope. We’re still small in number and plan to stay that way for now. By pooling our talent, energy and creativity we plan to use the group to help build on the brilliant work already being done by our publicists and publishers and respond to the ways the relationship between authors and readers is changing.

As individuals we really value the expertise and energy of our respective editors, publicists and publishers and as well as continuing to enthusiastically market our books as individuals, we are looking forward to exploring the ways in which, as a group, we can also broaden our reach to bookshops, festivals, events organisers, libraries, bookgroups, media outlets and bloggers

What we offer

  • Bespoke, ticketed events for festivals, libraries, bookshops and other venues, that deliver more than the usual writer-in-a-room. We will add value and experiential richness to your events. We can curate a Killer Women recommends table or shelf in your bookshop or at your event to complement the event itself. Examples:
      • Deadlier than the Male debate: what is the truth about women and violence?
      • Interviews between crime writers and top forensic psychiatrists, police officers and other criminal justice professionals
      • How to Solve a Real-Life Murder: taking a real life murder case and unpicking the investigation
      • Forensics quiz
        • Killer Women masterclasses and workshops. Between us we have years of experience teaching in universities, festivals and libraries as well as running Arvon and Guardian Masterclasses. We can provide a stand alone course or a masterclass or workshop to run before an event.
        • Killer Women salons and cocktail parties where readers can socialize with crime writers and sample our unique Killer Women
        • Resource for media and bloggers providing quotations, features, listicals and book recommendations.


For more info, check out their website.