Lori Rader-Day’s UNDER A DARK SKY

Lori Rader-Day has been on tour for her new book UNDER A DARK SKY. Just off an Anthony Award win at Bouchercon World Mystery Mystery convention her latest book is getting even more buzz than her first two books which were amazing. I caught up with her in Milwaukee at Boswell Book Company and got to see her interviewed by Carole Barrowman who is a champion for the mystery genre and an author in her own right. It was a very nicely done interview with insights into the writing process and some really funny moments. 

UNDER A DARK SKY is a locked room mystery that follows recently widowed Eden Wallace as she tries to get her life back together. She plans a week at a dark sky park, a place to watch the skies and tune out the world. The trip is thrown of course when she discovers a group of other people there, all college friends in their twenties. However plans to leave the next day are thwarted when during the night there is a murder. Eden does not want to play detective but may end up having to be the one to solve this crime. It’s a terrific suspense filled ride and you need to get a copy.