Lovejoy: Complete Season 1 to be released on June 19th.

Warner Home Video has announced they will be releasing Lovejoy: Complete Season 1 on June 19th.

“Ian McShane (Deadwood) stars as the irresistible rogue with a keen eye for antiques, intrigue and beauty. Just call him Lovejoy. This antiques dealer and part-time detective scours the murky salesrooms, auction halls and stately homes of Britain, always on the lookout for a find or a quick buck. As if the antiques business isn’t exciting enough, Lovejoy has a particular weakness for a good sob story or a pretty face, either of which is enough to send him off in pursuit of villains and help victims recover their property. Whether it’s a priceless old master or a pretty young lady, his love of beauty is sure to land him in trouble wherever he goes.”

The series was based on the work of British Author Jonathon Gash.

Official retail price (and shame on you if you pay that much) is $49.98. Included as extras are interviews with Jonathon Gash, as well as ones with actor Ian McShane and Gwen Humble (She appeared in season one two-part finale). There is also a featurette entitled Ian McShane looks back on Lovejoy.