Maggie’s Plan

Directed by Rebecca Miller

Written by Karen Rinaldi

Starring: Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore,  Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph

Maggie’s Plan is a whimsical romantic comedy about a young woman (Gerwig) seduced by the seemingly erudite novelist- to-be played by Ethan Hawke. He’s married to a professor (Julianne Moore) and father to two. This fact isn’t much of a deterrent to either of the lovers, who marry, give birth to a daughter, and proceed to grow bored with each other. The more bored of the two, Maggie, concocts a plan to reunite him with his former wife. Her plan is not clever; there is nothing very clever in this film. It does a good job though of showing you the arrogance and narcissism of many academics. The acting is fine. It looks good, but you will swear you have seen it all before and done with more laughs, more insight.

Patti Abbott