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Manhunter – Street Justice

DC Comics has a new series out and the first trade collection is now available.


MANHUNTER: STREET JUSTICE collects the first 5 issues and sets up the series. Written by Marc Andreyko and penciled by Jesus Saiz this is an ass kicking book.

Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor in California and after losing a case which sets free a maniac killer named Copperhead she decides that enough is enough. No more revolving door justice. She assumes the persona of Manhunter and takes to the streets hunting down the criminals who just won’t stay locked up. Kate takes to being a vigilante pretty well, but it does cause complications in her regular life. Her divorced husband already has a problem with her being late and not spending time with her son, but this new gig could mean she loses all visitation.

Andreyko does a great job writing this as more than just a superhero book. It deals with real problems and real and real drama, it just happens to be set in a world that has superheroes. Add to the fantastic writing an artist who is amazing and the result is spectacular. Saiz has a knack for realistic drawing and layout that makes this book a must have for any comics fan.

DC Comics has a winner on it’s hand with this title.