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Mario Gully and ANT

A while back I bought the first trade collection of ANT by Mario Gully, it was published by Image.
Today I bought the the first issue of ANT UNLEASHED from Big City Comics.
I won’t be spending any more of my hard earned cash on this title.

A little background.

Gully created ANT while serving a 1 year sentance for robbery. He made his own comics in jail and the fellow inmates seemed to enjoy them, he in turn got out and did some work for Image. Eventually Image started to publish the comic. From what can be gleened on other places around the net deadlines were missed and sales were not great.
More details on that HERE

So after reading the Image trade and then today running across the 1st issue from Big City I decided to google.

I learned that Gully started by doing some pinup work for Image. This actually explains a lot about his style. Skin tight clothes and model poses. I admit, it’s nice pin up work. But truthfully while reading a comic it’s distracting. It’s like that big boom in the eighties with all the splash pages that really didn’t add to the story.
And that’s what seems to be missing. Story. I find myself not caring at all about what is going on. I’m a grown up, if I want nothing but tits and ass I’ll pick up a nudie magazine. I buy comics because I read. Yes, the art needs to be good, but for me it’s the story that carries it. The story is predictable, and slow. And it really feels like something else I’ve read before, just not as well done.

The new ANT UNLEASHED is $3.99. A buck more than most other comics. Save your money, flip through it at the store and buy something else. Something you will actually enjoy reading, not just something with skin tight clothes and drooping outfits on a hottie.

Gully is also doing work for Marvel now. Could this mean we may see the return of X-Force with giant guns on huge steel laced arms? Women with thighs twice as big as their waists? I hope not.

If Gully puts out a pin up book I may check that out, but for now, ANT doesn’t make the cut.