Masterminds behind The Usual Suspects to reunite for new film.

Variety is reporting that the folks that brought us The Usual Suspects are reuniting for a new film.

Director Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) and screenwriter Chris McQuarrie will join forces for a new World War II era thriller that will, like The Usual Suspects, feature a character-rich ensemble cast. No word on casting at this time.

According to the article, the two developed the script over the holidays. Then approached the Tom Cruise led United Artists with the project.

“We brought it to UA and it was nice one-stop shopping. We decided it was the right place to make this movie, as opposed to shopping it around. It’s a period in history that has always fascinated me, and we found a very interesting story that materialized into a pretty wonderful script.” Singer told Variety.

The current plan is to start shooting this summer. After this film, Singer will tackle the sequel to 2005’s Superman Returns with filming starting in March 0f 2008.