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Matlock coming to DVD.

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced that season one of Andy Griffith’s Matlock is coming to DVD on April 4th.

Matlock starred Andy Griffith as “defense attorney Ben Matlock – a Harvard-educated, fiery southerner who charges $100,000 a case to brilliantly defend his clients by finding the real killer.”

Matlock lasted from 1986-1995. The first six seasons on were on NBC, with the final three on ABC. It actually started with a pilot/telefilm in March of 86 and started its regular run that fall.

Season one features a surprising number of recognizable names: Dick Van Dyke, Norman Fell, William Conrad, José Ferrer, Hector Elizondo, Jonathan Frakes, Roddy McDowall, Guy Stockwell, Parker Stevenson, Desi Arnaz Jr., Timothy Busfield, Greg Evigan, Billy Zane, Larry Wilcox, Tim Reid, Barry Corbin and Billy Bob Thornton.