Matt Hilton U.S appearances for next week.

Next week the Midwest will be receiving a very special treat care of Harper Collins. Novelist Matt Hilton is doing a whirlwind tour. Milwaukee, do me proud and come out in full force. Matt will be appearing at Mystery One books on Prospect at 7:00 p.m. Monday the 16th of January to support the U.S. release of his book CUT & RUN.

Matt has one of those rare & magical writer stories. A scribbler of tales from a very young age, he eventually submitted the first of his Novels featuring Joe Hunter, winning an agent and 5 book contract in the process. An American deal soon followed.

Joe Hunter is one of “thriller’s” best characters. When asked to describe him to fellow readers I tell them to imagine Child’s Reacher and Vascch’s Burke with a very cool side kick and lots of family secrets. His personal history working both in private security and as a cooper in the Cumbria area of England make the genre a natural fit. His preference for MMA and Boxing over soccer and rugby give his fight scenes a dose of understated realism.

The tag line for his first book, DEADMAN’S DUST “Some people may call me a vigilante, I just think I have problems to fix.” is an almost perfect breakdown to the plots we’ve seen and will continue to see.

In CUT & RUN the chase is personal. During his times working covert ops Joe made a lot of enemies. Now someone with his face is murdering people from his past. Can Joe find and eliminate the doppelgänger before everyone he cares about has died and he’s facing a needle?

The Joe Hunter series is one of those great new series that features a protagonist who is more than an everyman trying to make the rest of us safe. The kind of books you want to read after a tough week at the office or an unfortunate instance at the kids’ Booster Club. Perfect for everything from an airplane ride to your favorite armchair, these books are something special in a world where often Thrillers just aren’t thrilling.

Come see Matt at Mystery One. Read about him at . Buy the books. You won’t be sorry.

Other U.S. appearances

January, 12
Mystery Lovers Bookshop
6:00 PM Event begins
514 Allegheny River Blvd.
Oakmont, PA 15139

1:00 PM
Mystery Panel Event
Ela District Library
275 Mohawk Trail
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

With Jamie Freveletti, Julie Hyze, Brian Gruley & Jason Karlawish