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McConaughey looking more likely to play Magnum.

Last January, I talked about the rumors of Matthew McConaughey playing Thomas Magnum, now that appears to be moving closer to reality.

Entertainment Weekly.com is reporting that Matthew McConaughey has been offered the role offormer Navy Seal turned P.I. Thomas Magnum and that the scipt has been sent to his agent.

Tom Selleck played Thomas, on CBS, from 1980-88. Overall, the show is an entertaining series, mainly because of the charm of Selleck and the chemistry he had withhis co-stars. During its run, the show picked up two Golden Globes, two Emmies and an Edgar award.

The idea for a film has been tossed around for years. At one point, the idea was for Selleck to return as a much older Magnum, but that idea has been dead for some time.

Rumors of MM taking the role have been floating around since mid last year. I have alwaysheld a certain level of skepticism regarding Mr. Matthew playing Magnum. He certainly has the physical build, but lacks, at least on screen, the light,breezy chord that Selleck imbued the character with. While Selleck came across as a big kid, MM seems more like a slacker content with simply hanging out rather than working.

If he takes the role, it would not be the first time he brought an iconic character to the big screen. In 2006, he portrayed Dirk Pitt, Clive Cussler’s adventurous oceanographer in Sahara.

Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that this film is being directed and written by Rawson Thurber (Dodgeball). Ignoring myown personal opinion of Dodgeball, I see very little in it that suggests that Thurber has the vision and chops to make a Magnum film work.