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McDonald’s Lew Archer may be coming to a theatre near you.

Random House films and Focus Features have announced plans to turn Ross MacDonald’s The Galton Case into a film. The Galton Case features McDonald’s legendary Lew Archer.

Almost twenty years after Anthony Galton disappeared, along with a suspiciously streetwise bride and several thousand dollars of his family’s fortune, his mother wants him back. She hires Lew Archer to find him. What turns up is a headless skeleton, a boy who claims to be Galton’s son, and a con game whose stakes are so high that someone is still willing to kill for them.

No word as to whether or not they plan to update the story to a modern setting, or place it at the time of the novel, which is the 1950s.
The producers see the same potential in Galton as L.A. Confidential.

As always, I will keep everyone informed of any forward movement on the project.

I have read some of McDonalds books, having been introduced to his work by the always fantastic Jennifer Jordan, but not this one.

So a question to everyone: Who do you see as a good fit for the role of Lew Archer?