Meet some Comics Writers

November 10th in Muskego Wisconsin three comics writers will be part of an all day mystery fiction event that We at Crimespree help sponser.

Brian Azzarello, Gregg Hurwitz and Greg Rucka will all be on hand.
Brian Azzarello and Gregg Hurwitz will be on at 1:00 and Greg Rucka will follow at 2:00

And Neal and I will both be on hand hanging ot and selling copies of Crimespree.

The event is open to the public and free.
It’s $10 bucks if you want to be there for lunch, but that also includes some free books with your meal.

Truthfully it’s worth spending the whole day as the entire line up is pretty damn good.

  • Murder and Mayhem In Muskego
  • The complete line up is:
    Brian Azzarello
    DC Brod
    Carl Brookins
    Sean Chercover
    Mark Combes
    Robert Crais
    Blake Crouch
    Barbara D’Amato
    Sean Doolittle
    Jack Fredrickson
    Ellen Hart
    Libby Hellmann
    Gregg Hurwitz
    JA Konrath
    William Kent Krueger
    Laura Lippman
    Mary Logue
    Chris Mooney
    Gregg Rucka
    Marcus Sakey
    Tom Schreck