Mendes comments on THE PREACHER.

We have words on The Preacher.

Considering how many Preacher projects have died, any talk is a good sign.

Coming Soon spoke with director Sam Mendes, during the conversation, the subject of Preacher came up. Here is what was said.

CS: I’m personally very interested in the idea of you doing “Preacher” because I was a big fan of “Road to Perdition” and I’m a fan of those comics as well. How’s that been progressing in terms of John August developing the script?
Mendes: I think it’s an incredible piece of material and I’m very hopeful about John’s script, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

CS: Do you have any idea if you’re going to try and condense the entire series into one movie or are you going to jump around use portions of it?
Mendes: Oh, he wouldn’t do the entire series in one movie. It would be impossible to do all nine volumes in one movie, that would be one long movie, and it wouldn’t do justice of it. It will not attempt to do all of it, but there’s so much wonderful stuff that I wouldn’t know what to leave out.

I realize that this does not exactly offer up breaking news, but I will take what I can get.