Michael Connelly’s Void Moon gains new life.

Cassie Black has never looked back. She walked away from her life as a criminal after one disastrous night that left the man closest to her dead and her life in a shambles. Now she’s thriving at a job selling Porsches to Hollywood hotshots. Through everything — even her darkest moments — she has been able to keep going by holding on to one perfect thing, her greatest secret, dearer to her than life itself.

When that secret is threatened, Cassie tosses her new life away like a bad hand of cards and goes back in a sprint to her old line of work. Her trade was robbing casino gamblers, and she was the very best. Now it’s the only way she can make enough money fast to maybe make everything right. Quickly she lines up a mark, a man who has been winning steadily for a week at high-stakes baccarat. The job goes smoothly until she opens his briefcase…

And discovers a world of trouble she never dreamed of. Her superstitious friend who lined up the job says it’s the bad-luck void moon having its malignant way. Cassie knows it’s worse. She’s crossed paths again with her life’s nemesis, the man who destroyed everything six years before. He’s Jack Karch, a private investigator by day who does bloody work for casino owners by night. Walking back into his sights is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Cassie. Getting out alive will take all her skill and luck and faith in that one good thing…

In the very first issue of Crimespree, I wrote about the film version of Michael Connelly’s Void Moon. The plan was for Dianne Lane to play Cassie Black, with Al Pacino playing her nemesis Jack Karch. It was to be directed by Mimi Ledger (Pay it Forward, The Peacemaker) with the screenplay by Pulitzer Prize and Tony winner Michael Cristofer (Witches of Eastwick).

VM sat in limbo seemingly forever before being left for dead by all parties involved. This was confirmed by Mr. Connelly himself.

But Void Moon is rising from the dead!

Warner Brothers has decided to revive it (likely because of the strike, it already has what is considered a very good screenplay).

No actors have been announced, but it will be directed by Yves Simoneau. Yves won an Emmy for HBO’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. He also directed the pilot of USA’s The 4400 as well as the critically acclaimied TNT movie Nuremberg and A&E’s Napoleon.

The role of Cassie Black is an excellent one. It is a very strong female lead that deserves a top notch actress. Here is hoping they pick one and not the flavor of the month.

Post Note: According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, “offers are out for all major roles.